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Bartolomé Vernet is a family business dedicated and committed to the land and the vineyard. Generation after generation,the land has cultivated the strains of its “trossos”, with which their wines are made in a traditional way with the nativevarieties Garnacha and Samsó (Cariñena), exclusive to their property. Its centenary vineyards are located in Bellmunt del Priorat, a municipality located in the southwest of the region where the Siurana and Montsant rivers meet.

A few years have passed since the first harvests in which the founder of La Becaria Wines worked for Bodegas Tierra (at the time, in 2008, known as Bodegas Agricola La Bastida) and many things have happened since then, but the evolution and hard work of Carlos Fernández Gómez makes us all humble.

In 2021, he was renowned Grower of the Year in Rioja by the wine writer Tim Atkin.

Carlos Sánchez is an independent winegrower who makes his wines of a very personal character and faithful to his “french” style. Carlos Produce wines in D.O. Madrid and D.O. Rioja where all the wines are made from single vineyards, showing the authenticity of the area.

This collaboration in Rioja Alavesa is between two producers that brings out the best of themselves. Pilar and Carlos – two restless and determined persons that makes unique and different wines in a traditional setting together.

Great reference of the D.O. Manchuela (Cuenca) where Javier Revert and Márcos Méndez have taken the reins of the winery, gradually renewing the image of a great house but without changing the identity of the project started in 1998 by the gastronomic journalist Víctor de la Serna and the winemaker Rafael Orozco.

Without a doubt, a very positive man with many skills, curious and always giving the best of himself to make you smile when you taste his wines. Germán makes truely intersting and different wines from D.O. Ribera del Duero, D.O. Rioja and V.T. Bierzo.

”The reason for starting my wine import business was thanks to one of Javier Arizcurens’ wines, called Solo Mazuelo, where I learned to taste a totally different Rioja style. This before and after will today always mark the difference amongst the various styles of elaboration in the extensive D.O Rioja. Thank you Javier!”

– Carlos Andrino
Founder of La Becaria Wines

Two quotes by Pilar Higuero can define her and her biodynamic agriculture in Lagar de Sabariz; “wine has to be a liquid landscape” and “a perfect wine is a wine that tastes like the land that houses it”. With these quotes Pilar means that the minimum intervention possible is made to the vineyard and the winery and that the soil marks the characteristics of the wine.

Traditional style winery, located in the historic center of Haro, where the Martínez Lacuesta family and their vermouth have been for eight decades, since 1937. Lacuesta vermouth has two features that make it unique – “La Conzia”; its own formula that incorporates plants and herbs aromatic of very diverse origin, and secondly its aging process in French oak barrels.

“Where the Albariño is the queen”. Four friends; the Pedrosa brothers (Rosa and Fran), Ruth Campelo and Nacho Jímenez started Narupa; a project where they work different vineyards, some near the sea and others further away, in the heart of the Salnés Valley in Pontevedra. Under the premise of protecting the environment and taking maximum care of the vines, they manage to express the beauty of the different terroirs and the potential of the Albariño grape.

The objective is none other than to recover the most faithful typicity of the Albariño and of these terroirs, fundamentally sandy, rich in organic material and acids, of the D.O. Rias Baixas – and to do so, moreover, looking for wines with a good evolution over time and thus breaking the myth that these whites are only “wines of the year”.

The names of the wines from this producer are inspired either by traditional music or by the native plants of its beaches – as a way to value the legacy of the most authentic Galicia.

The Oliver Sivill family has been working with great enthusiasm for five generations in the Penedes, producing high quality Cavas from their estates in Subirats, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Sant Martí Sarroca, Torrelles de Foix and Font-rubí. Their vineyards are ecologically certified and covers 55 hectares. Their first projects making their very own Cava began in 2010.

The Toledo y Ajenjo winery applies natural and logical viticulture, working its vineyards organically.

The #garagewine project began in 2015, in the town Toledo of Quintanar de la Orden, by the cousins Jesús Toledo and Julián Ajenjo, both with a history closely connected to viticulture and committed to rescuing native, local and minority varieties by producing micro-cuvees.

“Vineyard in glass, in a traditional way, with vineyards older than 50 years. All the vines on our plots are not irrigated even at times of greatest water stress. The wines are made in a totally traditional way. The only objective is to make simple wines that are capable of transmitting and moving, this is a task reserved for those of us who feel the land on our skin and interpret it with respect and emotional intelligence.”
– Jesús Toledo & Julián Ajenjo